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Welcome to Fuerza ... organization of Education, Empowerment, and Hope for all of your special education and disability advocate needs.

Our Guiding Principles



The first step in special education advocacy is to educate yourself. Disability rights is a complex and ever-changing topic even for those most familiar with the subject so one of the most important roles we have is to ensure that our client families are constantly well-informed and made aware of their options. 



Working together gives us strength and knowing which tools to use and when makes us even stronger. This is what we mean by empowerment. We will use every special education advocacy resource available to us to empower our plan for your child. 



You're here because you already have hope. Now allow us to work on your child's behalf to transform that hope to positive outcomes now for their special education rights. It's what we do best. But don't hesitate. Take action, your child deserves better, now!  


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