Bio - Jack Morris

A lifelong advocate...

Jack Morris has fought for disability rights for 10 years in the Greater Bay Area and beyond to effectively support a multitude of families with diverse, challenging, and sometimes rare special needs. Jack has a deep working knowledge of the complex provisions, timelines, standard grievance processes, and due process practices associated with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (i.e., Section 504), IDEA, FERPA, the California Education Code, and regional SELPAs such as the Santa Clara County Office and Education to serve as an extraordinary advocate across more than 20 school districts, two Regional Centers, and eight counties.   

Central to his work, Jack has also favorably represented multiple clients in the resolution of high-stakes, six-figure settlements, including placements in private, non-public schools through formal and informal mediation and negotiation with program directors, superintendents, school district and county attorneys, and administrative law judges.    

Prior to his work as a special needs advocate, Jack worked directly with students with disabilities, their families, and staff for 10 years as a Behavior Specialist and Coordinator of Services in the development and delivery of complex, comprehensive educational intervention and implementation plans for school districts for students with ASD, ADHD, ED and other disabilities. Jack still draws upon this valuable experience and intimate familiarity of how districts think and operate to inform his approach to advocacy.    

Jack holds himself to a very high standard in regard to the quality of his clients’ outcomes and is diligent in closing any information gaps that would potentially diminish his ability to perform his work at a superior level. He exercises a variety of strong oral and written communication skills and is adept at conflict management and dispute resolution. 

Jack is described by colleagues and clients as confident, analytical, persuasive and driven to assist those most in need. Jack is a fervent believer in ability of professional advocacy to educate, empower, and bring hope to families of individuals with special needs.