Advocacy Intake Process

Free Consultation


Begin by contacting us for a free 50-minute consultation. During our conversation you can share the specifics of your situation and receive insightful feedback on options in moving forward.

Many families find this time to be a valuable opportunity to understand their special education rights, be informed regarding potential pitfalls, and generally receive solid advice on their position. 

As we are not attorneys, we do not provide legal advice or practice law. If your situation appears to require the assistance of an attorney, we will be happy to provide you with one or more referrals. 

Fee Estimate


Based on the unique circumstances of your situation we will provide you with a minimum estimate of consultation and advocacy time required to meet your family's objectives for your child. 

Our standard rate is $150 per hour. An average estimate ranges between 10-15 hours ($1,500 - $2,250) which includes: comprehensive record review, parent meetings, development of an advocacy plan, participation in agency meetings, phone calls, e-mails, and correspondence. 

A la carte services charged at a rate of $200 per hour are also available on a case by case basis. Travel time is not charged within a 1 hour radius of Morgan Hill. 

Service Agreement


When you are prepared to confirm you want to work with us as your special education advocates you will be provided with a standard service agreement with Fuerza for your review and completion. 

Our service agreement explains the terms of our working relationship in detail so that there are no questions related to our mutual expectations.

Upon signature of this agreement and with payment of our retainer fee (1/2 of the minimum advocacy estimate), our special education advocacy support can officially begin.  

Records Request


One of the first tasks will be to request copies of your child's comprehensive records (medical, regional center, CCS, educational) for review. The sooner this happens the sooner we will be able to treat your special education case with the full detailed attention it deserves.

Ideally, these documents would be scanned and provided as a .pdf or other electronic file but we accept hard copies as well as long as they are not unique or original sets.

Parent Meeting


We may schedule a parent meeting on the same date the service agreement and retainer are prepared or shortly thereafter depending on how many records are available and whether there are any imminent meetings with agencies to address.

This meeting is an important step to develop a clear and effective special education advocacy plan for your child's future.



Disability and Special education advocacy is often a complex process and so working together to communicate clearly and frequently to ensure that we are on the same page as we partner to meet your advocacy goals is a must that we are fully and firmly committed to.  

Over the course of our advocacy journey we will review our progress and revise our path as necessary to ultimately achieve a successful outcome.